F1 2017 Hammerhead Sharks Racing & Its Redesigned Logo.

This year, Formula One cars promise to be faster. As we can see from recent 2017 F1 team car introductions, many parts of f1 car body shape have changed. The front and rear tyres get wider and bigger to make better grip, the wings also changed to add more downforce on the car. It’s needed as the car will run faster than last year.

Some significant differences were seen between 2017 cars and the previous ones, especially from the visual perspective. But one thing that gets me surprised a bit is the add of the fin on the back of the driver seat, as 2017 cars introduced first time by Sauber team. Although the shark fin was previously used by several cars from 2008 until 2011, it still looks funny as my mind instantly relates the car to the ocean predator, the hammerhead shark.

This season F1 cars started using shark fin again, and it made me curious about the history, in what year exactly F1 cars got the wing, and was proposed by what team? We all know already that the earlier versions of F1 cars don’t have a front wing. After many searches on Google and questions on several F1 groups on Facebook, I got that it has all started since 1968 when Lotus 49 appeared with the first hint of aerodynamic wings. Here you can read about the history more detail. The shark fin itself was first tested in 2009 and last seen on RedBull Racing car in 2011.

This return of the shark fin is a bit unpredictable because it’s not shown in Formula 1 car specs that published last year. It also doesn’t make everybody happy. Red Bull’s team principal, Christian Horner, said that it spoils the 2017 car designs. The only team that doesn’t apply shark fin wing is Mercedes AMG, they look pretty confident by implementing T-wing.

For me, it makes F1 cars look more like wheeled hammerhead sharks. Or at least inspired. It has both a hammer-like head and a fin.

As the cars got the front wing that similar to hammerhead shark’s head, and as they got new fins, I will call this season race as the race of hammerhead sharks.

So what do you think, will the shark fins help the race more interesting? Or just ruin the design? Will Mercedes dominate again? Can’t wait for the season started (March 26).

While waiting for it to begin, let’s have some fun on that shark fin. Because probably, F1 needs not only changes on the car specs but also a new tweak on their logo. Here we go, let me introduce to you, ladies and gentlemen, the new logo.

May the best car wins. See you later on my other posts. Here’s the following link you can enjoy for all new 2017 cars.


Good Luck, Team Indonesia!

Three months ago (August 5), before the opening ceremony of Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games, I started a short time project to support Indonesian Athletes who competed in the games. Indonesia is a country with the population of 250 millions. The 4th most populous in the world after China, India, and United States. But in terms of the number of athletes Indonesia is way too far behind.

This year, Indonesia sent 28 athletes qualified for the Olympics to compete in 7 sports. It is nothing if we compare it to United States that sent 567 athletes to compete in 38 sports, or Great Britain with 374 athletes in 31 sports.

But optimistically, I made this posters to support Team Indonesia to win some gold medals. Badminton and weightlifting would be a big hope.

Happy result for us, when finally in this olympics Indonesia continued gold winning tradition as Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir won the gold over Team Malaysia Chan Pen Soon/Goh Liu Ying. Previously Irawan Eko Yuli and Agustiani Sri Wahyuni both won the silvers in weightlifting.

Indonesia took place in 46th by the results.

Thank you for all athletes who had fought their best for Team Indonesia. Good Luck in the future.


Better year, better routines.

Time flies really fast, as always. It’s 2016 already. Here’s the list of things I hadn’t been so satisfied with last year, and gonna fix those starting today.

1. Eat well. Healthy food, exercise a lot. (I’ve been missing my cool abs, haha).
2. Sleep early. Wake up early, real wake up. No more sleep after sunrise. I believe that the most productive days starting with energetic morning.
3. Work less. Work in smart and effective way.
4. Produce more. Create, craft and finish more stuffs as quick and as good as possible.
5. Move often. Travelling, a refreshing mind is (one of) the key of happiness.

Bismillah. Happy new year everyone.