About Me (@edypang)

I usually do branding identity, magazines layout, infographics & web design. I also c ode for frontend website development.

As I mention before, I work as a designer. I do visual design and presentation code for websites. One thing I keep in mind about this job is that design always takes the big part in achieving successful on products or campaigns. So it’s important for any designer to listen to the value, the goal, the story and the desire that lies behind any project. And then, a simple rule, design should follow those lead to present it well, make it works.

“I am a learner, not an expert.”

Since I was a very young student, I have been in love with drawing, typography and Arabic calligraphy. I used to design schedule or things to be hung on classroom wall also event backgrounds. It was little fun experience.

I started doing design, specifically with computer in 2006. It’s a content layout for my high school magazine that I co-founded with my colleagues & supported by school. A teenage student magazine that also delivered to other schools in town. Since that time, I started designing more with computer.

When I moved to Surabaya and entered college in late 2007, I started learning to blog, customizing Blogger template & Friendster page, (hahaha). I started knowing how to design web layout & to learn code in 2008, after joining a workshop held by DheZign, a web design agency based in Surabaya. After autodidactically improving some skills, I started freelancing in web design then joined DheZign in 2011. The experience was great especially because I got chance to work with many skilled partners and big clients.

In 2013, I decided to go freelancing again, until now.

“I design for both screen and print.”

I work either directly to clients or do partnership with other talents and agencies. Here are what usually I do:

  1. Designing brand identity;
  2. Visualizing data into interesting infographic;
  3. Magazine or book layout; and mostly
  4. Mobile & Web design, especially: UI, UX review, frontend code & WordPress based web development.

Currently, this website is under development. So nothing much to see. But you can see my past works here. I can send some work samples through your email if you request them.

“Work together? Let’s talk.”

We can start with a discussion about the project you want to build, improve or redesign by contacting me.